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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Civilization Starter Kit

Greetings and salutations,

The following link is something that I've just now found, and am thrilled to have done so!  Before clicking on the link, give me a moment to explain what it is...

There is a young physicist by the name of Marcin (think Martian) Jakubowski, born in Poland and now residing in Missouri, near KC, who found that despite having completed a PhD, became aware that he was essentially useless because of it.  So, he bailed out and purchased a farm in Missouri, bought a tractor with which to farm his land, broke his tractor twice, and decided that he needed to build a better tractor.  All of this lead to a profound change in thinking, the creation of an open-source maker movement aimed at enabling locally-based abundance/post-scarcity mentality, and a plethora of open-sourced designs, which I am now presenting to you.

Here's another link - that will be of utmost importance to anyone diving into this idea.

The thinking is - take it and run with it!




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