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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Build a Permaculture Vegetable Garden

Here’s a great idea that looks like it could produce quite a bit of food over a very long time with minimal investment, or even possibly NO investment.  I might build some of these on my land here in Cincinnati and see how they do.  Australians have been going hard after this since around 1978, when Bill Mollison and David Holmgren came up with the system and ideas that are now the bedrock of permaculture.  I’ve written several times about permaculture on this blog and elsewhere, and am starting to work the ideas into our life here in Cincinnati.

Being a prepper, I am working toward melding the two together into something I call Permaprepper, or Permaprepping.  I think of the whole thing as a new way of living a hunter/gatherer lifestyle in todays techno-savvy world.

As I’ve said before, if you aint preparing for hard times yet, you best get moving, because they’re here for many of us, and are bearing down on the rest at a rapid pace.

Enjoy the link...

How to Build a Permaculture Vegetable Garden



Perma-Prepping Again

I met recently with a young man by the name of Braden Trauth, founder of  What the?  This Land?  What in the world could that possibly be?  Think "This land is your land, this land is my land..." but then think permaculture.  Permaculture, you might be interested in knowing, is a design system that can create super healthy, super abundant environments that can eventually replace most of your food expenditures - in theory.

At a recent outdoor event nearby I picked up a copy of Edible Ohio Valley, a local magazine that had a booth at the fair.  In the latest issue, Braden had an article published about permaculture.  I read the article.  It was good.

I checked out the This Land website and ended up contacting Braden, who came over to meet me and take a little tour of my property.  We had some great discussions, ate some grapes that were close to being ripe that I picked from our Niagara vines, and discussed potential workshops that I might want to host and/or lead here on our land.

I found Braden to be an intelligent young man, full of knowledge, and very concerned about the welfare of others.  Hailing from a well-to-do family of Cincinnati, at a fairly young age he seems to have had a bit of an epiphany regarding life, faith, and how to live that faith out in a tangible manner.  In his case, helping others to create healthy, productive, natural environments via permaculture.

I'm all for that notion.   I've been studying, researching, and trying to put into effect similar ideas here on my own bit of land in the Cincinnati area.  My main problem is that I have neighbors, and those neighbors desire that my land look much like their land, dead, grassy, dandelion-less desert.  To do such a thing is sort of anathema for the likes of me.

So, I'm hoping for a good year of business from here on out, to be able to sell this place and purchase a place with copious amounts of land, build a better house, and start creating a permaculture inspired system.  I think it may be the only way into the future for humanity, although I also believe that we're approaching the final hour, before apocalyptic events kick in.

So if you stumble upon this blog post, and find that you’d like to know more, do more, give more, and potentially create such a living situation for yourself and/or others, contact me, via a comment on this post, Google +, or some other manner.



Break Down Armament

Today’s post deals with the topic of break-down archery equipment.  I’m including a clip from wilderness outfitters that shows a great demonstration of 3-piece arrows.  They are basically a regular carbon fiber arrow with a male and female screw together section between each part of the arrow, just like the screw in broad-heads/target points.  The question regarding their use is whether they would fly straight, or whether the joints in them would cause the arrow to fly erratically.

Watch the video and you’ll get a good idea what the facts are…

At the moment, in the USA, where I reside, guns are still legal.  At least a good number of varieties of guns.  Day after day, the liberal (actually, they are NOT liberal, but are really just corrupt, mislead, immoral hoards of people with little or no connection to reality) elements in our society are chipping away at the public’s right to keep and bear arms.  The notion that this right exists to enable us to hunt game is not at all correct, that right exists to enable the public to take out those elements of government that are corrupt and have subverted, or otherwise perverted our Constitution.  The author of those thoughts was none other than one of our most beloved presidents, Abraham Lincoln.  I suspect he’d have a thing or two to say to the elected officials of today, were he here to speak today, don’t you?

At any rate, the reason for my post today is to turn you all on to another option for discreet armament, albeit primitive.  Archery still works, even today.  We may be one day reduced to only this…  if things continue to deteriorate in the USA, if Obama gets his way.