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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Avalanche Befalls Us

In a winter filled with storms, snow piled high and expecting more, there are other, more serious storms we are having to endure.  A dark cloud has fallen over our beloved country, which promises to bring forth pain.  The substance of this cloud is various in nature, but all linked by one word - sin.  Sin is rising, like a rotten stench, up through the layers of heaven, and they have surely reached the nostrils of Yahweh, Jehovah, the God of Israel.  Obviously, this cloud is not only hovering over my country, the USA, but has mostly engulfed the entire world in it's clinging, putrid stench.  It's the smell of death, the smell of rot.

"Don't preach doom and gloom," they say.  "Why can't you look on the bright side, like they sing about on Monte Python's The Life of Brian?"  Well, life is NOT a movie.  Despite what we seem to be thinking lately, nationally speaking, the show isn't going to end suddenly, dispelling the thoughts of dread and judgement, and the sun come out.  The script is written already, and the end is known.  It doesn't really matter, in terms of whether all that was foretold will come to pass or not, if we believe it.  It WILL come to pass.

So, in terms of preparation, what can we do today?  What steps are we to take, if we are starting from scratch, to get ourselves ready for when TSHTF?  Pardon my french.  This is a much used acronym bantered about by the prepper/survivalist crowd.  You'll have to figure it out on your own, I'm not telling.  Here's another, TEOTWAWKI, The End of the World as we Know it.  That's a nice one, isn't it?  I like that acronym.

As a believer and disciple of Jesus Christ, I understand and believe that the best thing I can do is study the scriptures, both Old Testament, and New.  That would be The Law and The Prophets, or the Talmud, to a Jew, plus the Christian Bible.  I am not a Mormon, a JW, or any other cult member.  I am also NOT a Moslem, another cult, and one that I believe is going to play heavily in the end-times scenario, on the wrong side.  Think "chopping heads".

Knowing what is generally going to happen next is JUST what the Word of God is all about, amongst other topics.  It is possible to follow along, and even predict, what is going to happen using the scriptures.  For a couple of takes on the subject, look at,, and  Those are two sides of the opinion coin, similar in some ways, but very different in others.  Only God really knows, at present, which one is right, or whether they are both wrong.  It's okay.  Us humans not being God, we can't really KNOW exactly what is going to happen.  My opinion is that we should be prepared for ALL possible scenarios.  I'm writing regarding the ongoing debate over when Jesus will return, i.e. when WE will get yanked out of harms' way.  WE DON'T KNOW, WE JUST THINK WE DO.  That's my answer to the smarty-pants crowd on all the side of the debate, who think they know.  You don't know.  Stop pretending.  Get ready for all scenarios that are possible.  Don't tell folks that they ARE going to get rescued before the persecution.  You don't know that.

So the first thing to do is ask yourself the question, "Am I Saved"?  What?  Saved?  What sort of throw-back are you, Panchito?  You can't seriously think that I need to be 'saved'?  Yes, I do believe that.  So will you believe the same, shortly or some time from now.  My hope is that you would be honest, completely, painfully honest with yourself, and seek the Lord while he may be found.

Next time, we'll discuss other measure that you might take after settling this pressing question...