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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Irish New Year, or whatever...

As I'm sure you've noticed, whoever you are, a new year has dawned upon us.  A new Gregorian year that is.  I was doing some research, biblical in nature, around 3 months ago, and found some interesting facts regarding our calendar.  It seems that biblical dating is NOT based upon the Gregorian calendar at all, but rather on the typical Middle-eastern calendar, used, in one form or another, by the nation of Israel, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Babylon, Persia, etc.  That calendar contained only 360 days, not 365, like ours.  It's interesting to note that the Romans completely duped the world into using their calendar, as well as their system of laws.  What's up with that?  Yes, whether you live in the USA, Mexico, China, Japan, Russia, or one of the former provinces of Rome, you mostly abide by the laws of Rome!  Plus their calendar at least holds heavy sway in your life, if only in your business dealings.  The Chinese have their calendar, and perhaps other Asian countries, but they also use the Gregorian calendar, due to their reliance on trade with the West.

Where did Gods' calendar go?  Why does seem to be defunct now?  IS it defunct?  The short answer is NO.  It is NOT defunct in any way, except that man has mostly ceased from using it.  That doesn't mean at all that God has stopped using his calendar.  On the contrary, one can be certain that He doesn't give one iota about our calendar, but has continued to function on HIS calendar/schedule.

So what brought all that up, you ask?  I was reading and listening to some material by Chuck Missler, from Koinonia House ( and found this info interesting.  Check out his website to learn some really freaky info and possible truths about the Bible, the last days, etc.  The guy really has looked deeply into things.  I don't know that I agree with his assessment of last days events entirely, but hey, who knows?