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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warre-style Beehive

Greetings readers,
This post will give you an opportunity to learn about an old kind of beehive known as a Warre hive.  Abbé Warré, a French priest from way back.  Warré tried out over 350 types of hives during his lifetime, settling on what was his own design, though really an amalgam of many other styles.
I read about he and his methods at  There you can find his translated, downloadable book, complete plans, etc., to get you started keeping bees.  If ever there was a time when it was critical that we all keep bees, it's now.  Here in Ohio most wild bees of all sorts are now dead!  That spells potential disaster, folks!  No bees equals no food!
Most beekeepers you talk to will probably tell you to stick with the standad Langstroth hives, but I say do ANYTHING, SOMETHING, and these are easy to make.
So here are a few photos of the hive components I built.  Like always I say just dive in!

En este articulo, le doy a ustedes una oportunidad de aprender de otro estilo de colmena para abejitas se llama estilo Warré.  Sí usted toque en el link arriba, puede usted encontrar documentos de y explicaciones de como construir y manejar esto estilo de colmena para si mismo.  Tendría usted que traducirle al castillano para leerlo - lo siento mucho.

Engozale ustedes amigos!



Judge Tim in Session

I just ran into this video, and no, it didn't leave a mark.  This guy is a black brother who gets it!  I'll say it again, he gets it - completely, or at least in this one video of his he gets it.  I can't vouch for any other videos of his just yet.

Anyway, watch this video by "Judge" Tim.  He is a concerned citizen, and amazingly, refreshingly, he is NOT promoting the leftist agenda!  He should be commended.  Maybe more black Americans will see his videos and begin ot open their eyes?  I hope so.

Here's the vid: