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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Raising Queen Bees of Your Own

Here are two excellent videos, or maybe three, on how to set up and raise your own queen honeybees.  This is an excellent thing for most anyone to take up, being a beekeeper, that is.  If you have any doubts about being able to do something like this, put them to rest, as beekeeping is NOT a hard skill to learn.  Mastering the art of beekeeping is another thing altogether, but in that it takes years to do.  I am NO master beekeeper at this point.  I have kept bees for quite a few years at this point, but have never done it with great gusto.

At this point, I feel that it is something that I MUST master - one of those skills that may become extremely important and valuable in a short while.  I plan to learn how to build my own equipment completely from scratch, from any lumber or wood that is available.  I want to try to track down, or create, all the hand tools that I might need to be able to build beehive parts from any kind of wood.  It could be that we sustain EMP attacks, that would reduce us to 1800s-type technology.  I hope that's not the case, but I want to be ready to handle it well, if it happens.

So check out the Fat Bee Man's videos.  They are really informative and helpful!

Don't be afraid!  Dive in and learn about beekeeping while you're doing it.  That is the best way!



Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Evangelical Christian Threat

Two days ago, I read an article in a newsletter that I've mentioned before in my blogging, World News Daily.  The article spoke of the fact that our own military is or was being trained to see evangelical Christians as the number one terrorist threat to the United States of America!  What?  What?  Have you lost your corporate mind?  Also included on the list were Jews, Catholics, and various Moslem groups, Hindus, and Mormons  not necessarily in that order, but farther down the list.  Can you believe that?  I was incensed, to say the least.

Apparently, someone called them on it, and an apology was offered, although they claimed it was a mistake, and was never intended to have happened that way.  Uh huh...  I think it's clear that that statement was a lie, eh?  This comes not too long after my best friend, BO, named a Moslem to be the new Secretary of Defense.  Did you know that?  Amazing, no?

The blatant manner in which BO and his goons are conducting themselves and the negligent manner in which the "professional" media ignore, aid, and abed those criminals is...  criminal.  All should quickly become the newest denizens of our newest penitentiaries.   That from BO to CNN CEOs.  All should go to jail, or worse, for their many crimes.

What do you think?  What do you suspect will happen in the course of the year?  Next year?  Five years?

Just asking, my friends!  Here's the link:


Dos dias pasado, leí un artículo que toco en la tema de un documento ofícial de entrenimiento del militar Estadounidense que estuvo una lista de enemigos del estado.  En el lugar principal, numero uno, primero, estuvo cristianos evangelicos!  Todo el mundo a visto como han conducido sus vidas de ellos. Mayormente an vivido de manera muy sano, santo y muy similar al Señor Jesucristo.  Si, es verdad, no todos han vivido así, pero mayormente no existen rasones para llorar sobre ellos.  Es el principio de la persicución de la iglesia, el Armageddon?

La lista tambien incluyó catálicos, judios, indues, musulmanes, mormones y otros.  Pues, los cristianos tienen buenos ayudadores en sus actos del terrorismo, no?  La gran mayoria de las Americas son Católicos, especialmente desde la frontera el EEUU hasta Tierra del Fuego!  Bien venidos a nuestro grupito, hermanos Católicos!

Algunos cristianos gritaron a los idiotas entrenando al ejército y dijeron que era un accidente, lo siento.  Mentira!  Mentira!  El gran BO (Barack O-algo) quiere desarmar al pueblo del EEUU para controlarles por completo, pero van a aprender una leccion muy importante y doloroso - que somos soldados que vamos a proteger a nuestro Constitución y pelear contra el comunismo presentado en la cara de BO, lo quien no es legalmente el Presidente de los Estados Unidos de America!

Aqui es la link:

Dios le Bendiga, hermanos!



Monday, April 1, 2013

Beekeeping on the Cheap

Yes, it's true.  I'm a beekeeper, and have been for around 15 years or so.  My brother, Timothy, kind of got me into it.  He had been a beekeeper for quite awhile, both in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and around the Santa Fe, New Mexico area.  While in Santa Fe, Tim served for a time as a State Bee Inspector, which means he knew quite a bit about beekeeping, enough at least to impress his brother, myself.

As I said, I've been keeping bees, sort of in an on and off sort of manner, for around 15 years or so.  I've been lucky to have had 12 hives at one point, and at this moment I have exactly 0 hives, which could be interpreted as saying that I'm NOT a beekeeper, at this moment.  My last hive perished when, in the midst of last winter, the hive moth larvae got the better of my bees and crowded them out.  They perished, at any rate, while I was left with a web, cocoon, and feces clogged hive body, and no bees!

So I was talking with one of my brother-in-laws on Sunday, at the family Easter party, and he happened to ask me about my bees.  He asked me how many hives it would take to be able to make a good living, say $50,000/year in profit.  I flipped a number out there of 500 hives might do the trick.  Then he asked whether I felt it likely that I could find places to put 500 hives in the area of the country that I live in.  I said, "Yes, I believe I could."

So here I am, two days hence, and thinking about reviving and greatly enlarging my bee operations.  I have a ready supply of good lumber that I can get for free from a nearby window company, and some woodworking equipment.  I think I could do this on the cheap.  I already have around 30 workable hives worth of boxes, but I need more frames, and boxes to get the thing going.  I will also have to figure out how to produce my own queens, after purchasing some from suppliers to get started.  I will probably be able to capture some swarms this spring and summer, since I'm on a local swarm list, which means that fire and police departments around town will eventually call me to see whether I want to come out to a location and catch a swarm of bees that some civilian called them about.  That will help, both with populating my hives and with diversifying the genetics of my bees.

If you would like to start keeping European honeybees where you live, there are no doubt, as there are here, clubs or groups in your area of the world with people that would love to help you get started.  There are surely suppliers in your country that will be able to send you all the equipment you might need to get started and to expand your beekeeping enterprise.

If, however, you are a serious do-it-yourself-er, and you have carpentry skills, like Jesus of Nazareth, you might want to download a copy of Google Sketchup, a free and fee-based 3D CAD program that will come in handy, as well as free models of many different sorts of beehives.  With these, you should be able to create all the hive parts that you need, from scratch - if you're crafty.  Be crafty - it pays off in the end.

Here is a link to download Sketchup.  That is the English language version.  To get your copy in your favorite language, do a bit more searching.  Here is a link to applicable beehive models.  This should get you started.  The hot type of bee in our area is still the Italian, but Russians are coming on strong, as there is some evidence that Russian bees are more robust and resistant to many of the problems that their Southern cousins are susceptible to.

A sample image of some Sketchup models you might want to use -

Thats all for now, folks.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it inspires you to jump in and get going with beekeeping and prepping in general.  Be brave, be bold!  Don't be afraid, you can do it!

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Para ustedes Hispanos, queúbole!  Esta articulo toca en la tema de apicultura.  Si usted quiere tener la chanza de leer mis artículos en castillano/español, deja un comentario que dice q si.  Si hay suficiente interes en eso, le voy a hacer.  Creo q tengo muchas ideas q el mundo hispano puede utilizar para su avantage o bondad y quiero compartirles con ustedes.  Trabajo con muchos hispanos aqui en Ohio y aunque soy blanco como la nieve, soy hispano en mi corazón.  Sí puedo ayudarles a ustedes le quiero hacer.  Adios, hermanitos!  Que Dios les bendigan!

Thanks so much!