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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Are You Ready?

By all indications, our beloved country is going to hell in a hand basket, as of this writing.  There looks to be nothing more we can do to prevent the inevitable than to pray for Gods mercy.  Am I right?  I hope not, but it sure looks that way.

So, my dear friends, what are we to do?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, pray.  After that, get your house in order.  Do you owe money to anyone, including to any banks, or credit cards?  Pay them off as quickly as humanly possible, even if it hurts, or whether or not it cuts into your fun money, coffee money, vacation money, toy money, etc.  GET OUT OF DEBT NOW!

Next, start purchasing extra canned goods and storing them in your basement, or other cool, dark, and dry location, until you can’t physically hold any more.  Or build a root cellar, or two.  I mean that completely literally.  Fill a room until it can’t hold any more cans of anything.  Then, look for other places to put food.

Next, or concurrently, purchase heirloom seeds, not hybrid seeds, of every conceivable sort of plant that can be grown in your climate zone, and start planting a goodly amount of them, enlarging your gardens as much as humanly possible.  When you begin harvesting these crops, calculate what money you are saving and apply that amount to any further debts you have, to the principle, till you no longer have ANY debt.  Stay out of debt.

Next, or concurrently, consider partnering up with other like-minded individuals to purchase as much arable land as humanly possible, build good, super-cheap housing on said property, complete with all the latest energy saving and producing, solar, wind, microhydro, geothermal, wood-fired energy and heating sources available to you, and then sell your house, and move there.  Make sure that you use all this time between now and WTSHTF to prepare yourself via absorbing data on pertinent topics and purchasing human and animal powered contraptions that will enable you to accomplish anything you need to do.  Visit for some ideas along that line.

Consider very seriously investing in, and building, woodgas generators to run machinery on.  Even the use of biodiesel will be severely limited when everyone else needs it too.  Find out how to make alcohol from plant sources, mostly to run vehicles, not for booze, primarily.  Mua, ha, ha.  Understand that the production of beer and wine could well become a significant source of revenue, or barter, in a tough situation, when such goodies are hard to come by.  Consider learning that skill as well.

Learn how to prune fruit trees, grape vines, and kiwis, as well as how to plant them.  Learn how to prevent insects from damaging all your crops.  Learn how to raise rabbits, chickens, turkeys, goats, cattle, sheep, fish, and others.  Learn how to shoe a horse.  Learn animal husbandry.  Learn how to make raised beds and cause them to produce copiously.  Learn how to build a greenhouse and run it.  Learn how to shoot, after purchasing several firearms, and learn which firearms to purchase.  Learn how to make snares and deadfalls to catch small game.  Learn how to hunt big game animals effectively.  Learn how to butcher animals.  Learn how to work, hard.  Take courses in military tactics, and visit, as well as other prepper/survivalist sites, and communicate with the folks that run them so as to learn more useful skills and info.

Study how to effectively live in an intentional Christian community (if you’re a Christian), because it’s in such a radical setup that you will be more able to protect yourself, and your own, as well as protect others.  You’ll also be much more able to accomplish things that would be impossible alone.

Make friends with an Amish family/community.  They know things.

Next, don’t wait another day to begin any of these things.  Found a co-op for starters, and aggressively market it.  Use Facebook and Twitter, Google ads, etc.  Join with others today, your life and that of your loved ones may soon depend on it.  Put your back into it.