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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Latest

So, nothing much new to report on the preparations side of life.  We really haven’t made any amazing new preparations, save the planting of numerous gardens, and watching many of our seedlings wither and die while still in the seed trays, but hey, it was fun planting them!

The bunny farm is still in heavy production.  That is a good thing, I suppose.  Enthusiasm for Dad’s crazy projects seems to be waining, if there ever was any enthusiasm???  It’s hard to find words to express the depths of frustration felt by yours truly over this topic.  They love to eat, but…  They love to eat, but…  Oh, I just mentioned that, didn’t I?  I suppose I was much the same when young, and living in Michigan.

It would be interesting to have a voluminous gaggle of followers to my two blogs, what with the probable comments and considerations that would surely follow from the followers.  I should think it would be fun???  One day, perhaps.

Speaking of survival, my friend’s daughter got married just the other day.  She, the 20-year-old, married a fellow she went to school with.  The lad is in the Air Force, an aviation mechanic, and a fine young man.  I was initially shocked to find that he had proposed, and even more so, that she, at her tender, young age, had accepted.  I had always envisioned her marrying my older son.  I believe that my shock was quite obvious to both of them and somewhat put them off.  I recovered, eventually, and have accepted the situation as the obvious will of my God - so be it.  The boy will just have to find another young lovely to call his own.  As for my opinion of the new groom, what does it matter, though if she chose him, then he’s got to be a keeper.

So how about those Reds?  I believe they are doing quite well this year, so far.  Give it time.

When, oh when, does teenage angst come to an end?  That is the question of the hour.  We still have three, you see.  Three.  Autofocus is the word of the moment.  Autofocus = teenagers.  I look forward to the day, may God speed it on it’s way, when my offspring are outward focused.  That will be a fine day, indeed.

I wish that my kids were more into the things that I’m into.  To some extent, and depending on the individual, they think it’s bunk.

Have you noticed how teenagers, if they are not outright defying you, seem to be consummate masters of lip-service?  They are amazing.  The ability to look you right in the eye, say yes, and not for one second mean it - that’s amazing.  It’s almost like a gift that they possess.

So what do all these things have to do with survival?  Well, procreation of the species, and subterfuge...

That’s all I can yammer on about this evening.  I can’t stay awake any longer.



Monday, May 16, 2011

Waterloo… For Who?

So, it turns out that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz was completely correct when he said that the capture/killing of Osama bin Laden by an illegal US military force was a “Waterloo”, just not for the subject of his diatribe.  The road to bin Laden interestingly enough ran through, of all places, Iraq!  Therefore, the “Waterloo” belongs to… George W. Bush, not Barack Hussein Obama.  Hmm, go figure, despite all the naysaying of the left, ostensibly known as the Democratic Party, and all their bellyaching about dragging us into two wars at the same time, and demonizing Dubbya, they have been tooting their horns heartily over this victory, stating in oh so many ways that they have completed what Bush could not.  The problem with that boast is that THEY have not completed ANYTHING.  They are standing on the shoulders of none other than George W. Bush, and THEY, once again, have done NOTHING, rather the self-same military machine that G. W. Bush promoted, strengthened, encouraged, and took advise from, and at one time served in, did ALL the work.  All Obama did was okay the move, nothing else, him being nothing similar to a military expert in ANY way whatsoever.  At least President Bush could actually say that he had earlier served his country in some fashion in the military.

Another thing, on Sunday Chris Wallace pointedly asked Obama's National Security Advisor Tom Donilon the question of how he thought that waterboarding a terrorist prisoner is despicable behavior, while shooting a man in the face is perfectly fine and indeed should be celebrated as a Democrat victory.  One has to laugh at the hypocrisy involved, and wonder at the unmitigated gall that our leftist brethren have.  It’s all about control, subjugation, and the socialist agenda for the “Democratic” Party.  At best, they should be called Social Democrats, not Democrats.  They have proven their stripes innumerable times over the past 40 years or so, dragging down most of the pillars of our society, infecting our wonderful country with perversion, sedition, immorality, drug use, and sex for sex’s sake.  The so-called Democratic party, which is made up mostly of miscreants, has infected our churches, our schools, and our households, our factories, our small businesses, and most every aspect of our lives.  They are a virus, and are busily working to expand the government till it is all seeing, all invading, and all powerful.  In the end, they have become like those who have gone before them in the same shoes - Sodomites, Gomorites, and those who built the Tower of Babel.  

It is my considered opinion that our Democratic Party is working feverishly to usher in the End of Days, as well as the Antichrist.