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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Earthship-type Design, Only Easier!

This morning I listened to an episode of the Survival Podcast, hosted by Jack Spirko (pronounced "Spearko", like a spear, or lance).  The Survival Podcast is, for me, a great way to spend some free time, or even while I'm working, if I've got a good set of headphones for my smartphone.  This episode was no exception to that rule!

The theme of the podcast was Earthship houses, but the guest was NOT the fairly world-famous architect and inventor of the Earthship building, Michael Reynolds.  This podcast was an interview with Biotechture CEO Mark Kirkwood.  Originally from Oregon, Mark lives somewhere in Texas now, heading up Biotechture Training, a cooperative non-profit organization.  Biotechture Training is dedicated to building community, as opposed to secluding oneself from society as a whole.  Additionally, Biotechture Training is focused on providing training for a means of enabling normal people to be free of the grid, free of dependence upon the "System", and to live decent lives in a happy way.  Ah, happiness!  That's a good thing, indeed!

Here's a link to their website - Biotechture Training.