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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brilliant Older Farmer

I just watched this video by Kirsten Dirksen, and was really inspired to step it up.  This fellow shows that you can do all sorts of things if you set your mind to it.  It helps greatly to HAVE to do it, of course.



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sling Bows - A Cheap Alternative to Expensive Bows For Hunting

Upon awakening this morn, I seem to have entered into a scene from Narnia. Snow!

The really funny thing is that I started this post LAST year!  Today is the 27th of December, 2012, and we're snowbound again.  Well, not really snowbound, but there is a bit of snow out there, and to Cincinnatians, that is one and the same thing.  If flakes are only coming down, let alone piling up, we're snowbound and looking right into the eyes of disaster!  Poor souls, that they are!

Anyway, I felt the need to rescue this draft, that consisted solely of the first line of this post and nothing more, from the sad fate of forever remaining a mere draft.

"What should I tell you about?" I ask.  I think the topic of this post will simply HAVE to be, not snow, but...

Sling bows!  I know, that term got you excited.  I assure you that was my goal, and with this post I think I will be able to capture your attention and motivate you to try this "invention" out.  Note the quotation marks and remember them being there - their meaning will become clear as we go along.

Sling bow.  Slingbow.  I understand that that last bit was really NOT a complete sentence, but I'm just rolling the term around in my mouth, seeing how it should best be written.  I had tried this idea out in a very simple, primitive way several times in the past myself, before ever hearing the term slingbow, even thinking of a way to center the arrow in the sling.  But I abandoned working on my idea.  Who knows whether my idea was passed on through myriad relationships before coming to rest in the fertile mind of Dave Canterbury?  I will most likely never know.  I also thought up the idea of putting sliding doors on both sides of minivans, and putting a small, backward-facing door on pickup trucks well before they ever happened, but that is another story.

Think of that great little invention, or tweak to an existing invention, the "Wrist Rocket" slingshot.  Now think of using the slingshot to sling arrows instead of 30 calibre shot balls, or rocks.  Canterbury came up with a simple way of centering the arrow directly between the two arms of the slingshot at the same level as the elastic tubes.  Then he went one further and attached a "Whisker biscuit", which is available at Walmart, or so says Dave.  Canterbury that is.

Watch his video to learn more:

Hope you enjoy it, improve it, use it for yourself.



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Rocket Mass Heaters

Today's post is about Rocket Mass Heaters, a somewhat modern spin on the old, proven technology from Northern Europe - Masonry Stoves, Russian Stoves, Finnish Stoves, etc.

I'm not going to write much on the topic today, but rather introduce you via a video, to Vention4wh, a YouTuber who has 221 videos on the Tube.  This is the first one I've watched, and I feel that he does a very good job of explaining, in layman's terms, how a Rocket Mass Heater works.  So without futher adieu, here's the video:



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