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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mikey Moore Got His Gun

I’m from the same place that our little buddy, Michael Moore, hails from.  When I was a young buck, I actually knew the guy.  Time has come and gone, but I still wonder about ‘ole Mike…  did he EVER have his head on straight?  I really don’t think so.  Our family and Mike go way back, with much involvement over the years - I won’t go into that, it’s embarrassing to say the least.

Anyway, I was thinking about the guy, and just what his optimal idea for government might be.  Does he not understand that having a communist state will just NOT work?  Does he really think that if the communists take over here, that they won’t quickly round up his sorry **s, and expend a little AK energy creating fertilizer from his substantial frame?  Can’t he see that there are NO communist countries in the world, and that there ALWAYS turns out to be those who rise to the top, take control, and kill millions of there own to stay there?

History is a harsh teacher, though thorough.

Likewise, our fearless leader, P.O., is a man on a mission - to nowhere.  Who would really want to live in a theocracy of an islamic sort, or a socialist spy-state?  Would P.O?  I doubt it.  Only those, like P.O., who are sitting on top of the pile would enjoy that setup, wine, women and song, you know the drill.  The problem is that eventually the peons get miffed, and overthrow the scum sucking leadership, much as is happening in the Middle East at present.  People can only take that crap for so long…

So Mikey…  I haven’t seen nor spoken to the guy in 30 years or so, and still I don’t like him.  From the start the guy was a snake with a velvet tongue, having used our family against one another in despicable ways.  We didn’t get off to a good start, you could say.

So what if the commies took over here, would Mikey, jilted by the new leadership, take up arms to protect his empire?  I suspect that he might, after seeing the newbies take what they want, even from Mikey the Great.  The guy knows guns, after all, he IS from Michigan.  Everyone in Michigan at least started out with guns.  They may have gone gay later on, but they started out blasting.

So that is my opinion of how Michael Moore would react in the event of a takeover.  He’d use what cash he has to become a closet survivalist.  Then someone who knows about him would probably take advantage of his less than optimal state of physical preparedness and make hay while the sun shines.