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Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Response to the Article “Why is the World’s Economy Doomed?”...

Greetings and salutations to one and all!

I hope your day is going well.  Mine is rather tranquil at the moment.  My mind is NOT particularly tranquil, however.  I just read through the above mentioned article, which was delivered to me by WND (World News Daily) in a newsletter that you could sign up for if you so desire HERE.

If you’ve read the article, it would be interesting to get your take on it.  For myself, a citizen of USA, I find it unsettling to say the least.  If it turns out that it is our fault, which it certainly is at least in part, I apologize for my country.  I suspect that we played only a part in the fiasco, though I’m not trying to cover our butts.  It seems as if all countries might be run by idiots, not just MY country.  I’m not saying that I would have done a better job of running the USA than others.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT the guy to do that, trust me.

So really, the only question that remains is, “What are we going to do?”.  Personally, when the economy crashes, I think that we will be hosed, just like all the rest of you.  I really hope that we don’t see WWIII because of it.  I have readers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and Russia, at this point, and I don’t want to go to war against any of you.  I consider you my friends, and hope that we never come to blows, militarily or otherwise.  But I actually believe that it is inevitable that WWIII occur, and I honestly think it will be sooner rather than later.  Sorry for that!

There are rumblings here in my country about civil war right now.  “Freedom isn’t Free” is seen all over the internet. The conservative side of the equation is disgusted by the excesses of the liberals, while the GOP seems to be losing its’ grip.  The fact that all but one of the major news/broadcast companies is basically socialist and heavily or completely liberal, and doing an amazing job of controlling elections, public opinions, etc., in favor of the liberal dictator we now have in the office of President, is getting close to pushing things over the edge.  I foresee an outbreak of violence in short order, and it will be bad here.  The list of anti-constitutional actions by the Obama administration is quickly growing in length. The American Constitution is under attack by BO’s administration and cronies on a daily basis. Obama, true to his word, has created a civilian military force, by the name of DHS, that is armed to the teeth.  The last few weeks, it has become painfully apparent that DHS is buying up ALL the ammunition and arms, for obvious reasons.  This parallels the de-funding of the military branches, the leaders of which (in the case of the Marines) is asking their personnel to conserve ammo, gasoline, etc., so that they can continue to be battle ready instantly.  The problem is, by conserving ammo and other stuffs, they CAN’T be battle-ready, since they won’t be practicing like they have in the past.  That is not good news.  Is this Armageddon?

The Federal Reserve, an illegal entity, which happens to be privately owned - not part of the Government - is churning out fiat dollars like never before.  The US dollar as the worlds reserve currency is about to come to an end, and yet our fearless leader and friends claims that all is well.  NOT!

The Obama administration is actually asking applicants to the DHS whether they would be able to open fire on US citizens.  They are only accepting those who answer affirmatively!  To hell with their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution of the USA against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, eh?  I suspect that the BO administration and the “Democrats”/Commucrats will shortly attempt to amend the oath public servants take to NOT include that little tidbit.

I plan to be surviving the economic drought, do you?

Keep your eyes open, keep your head down, and get prepping!



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