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Thursday, October 7, 2010

And All Fall Down...

I spoke to some kids today.   The topic of my oration was being part of the solution.  The response was lackluster at best.  What's gone wrong?  The kids I spoke with are exceptionally good kids, really!  But they are still SO self-focused, so concerned ONLY with themselves.  Not even their family's well being was all that important to them, it seemed.  

The above didn't actually happen, as such.  But, it did happen, many, many times now.  I did speak with someone today.  Well, actually it was yesterday, the time now being past midnight.  I spoke with MY kid!  I spent the better part of an hour talking to my kid about commitment to family, contributing to the wellbeing of the family, working toward family goals, going out of one's way to make the family a success, putting your back into it, etc.  Several times I asked the kid whether he/she was "ready" to actually DO the deeds necessary.  The response was a weak, "I think so..."  My kids are, as stated above, exceptional, and not just in MY eyes.  We get kudos continually from all directions, and have for years.  But...

How do we get our kids on board?  That is my question of the day, sort of the "Question du Jour".  Some say we just need to invite them into our adventure, and that will be good enough.  Hmm???  Others say we need to be a strong leader, and make them do the deeds.  Hmm???  I don't know.  Maybe I need some training?  Maybe I needed it a long time ago?  Probably.  Are there any companies out there that can help me with my dilemma?  Couldn't afford it if there were, probably.  I've seen the military work wonders with a few of my nephews, as well as my friend's sons.  Perhaps there's something there?  They say the military tears them down and then builds them back up.  I think perhaps that's true.  Maybe a stint in the service would do them good?  Maybe not...

Well, enough for now.  Fair thee well!


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