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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun On The Bunny Farm

Installment one of the The Bunny Farm:

Several months ago, I purchased 6 Californian rabbits, meat rabbits that is.  Supposedly, they amounted to two males and four females.  That did not, in the end, turn out to be factual, as it turns out, the truth was just the opposite.  So, two males became dinner fare, a French recipe from a very good cookbook called "The French Country Kitchen" by the illustrious chef, James Villas.  As it turns out, my family was NOT crazy about how that dish turned out, so it's back to the drawing board with the rabbit recipes.

The bunny ranch is growing.  We now have 5 little bunnies.  There was a sixth, but it didn't make it.  I found it when I looked in the nest box, all rotted and stinking.  Ooooh!  Somehow the momma didn't bother to take the little thing out of the nest box, but only move the other bunnies to the other side of the box.

We had another litter born earlier, via "Dutchess", the name that the girls gave to the other doe, but I was not prepared and hadn't built a nest box for her, so they perished, the poor little things.  I think she is now pregnant again, since the 11th of October.  That puts the next delivery at or near the 10th of November.  I will have another nest box built before then.

A Hispanic friend of mine said that his father kept a male and a female together all the time and they just cranked out the bunnies.  Something to consider.  Tomorrow, time permitting, I'll post photos of the rabbit-works.



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