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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Life

This evening I ventured out, after peeking out the back, kitchen window, to close the garage door.  After closing the door, I realized that I had failed to complete my last task for the day, feeding the livestock.  I realized that only upon hearing a little squeak coming from the pens.  I knew the sound, though the sound was new.  Babies had been born today, September 28, 2010!  The problem was that they had snuck up on me, I was not prepared and had not prepared the pen for the new arrivals, no brood box had been introduced.  Consequently, 6 pink little babes were crawling around the pen quickly losing body heat.

I had to think fast, and come up with something quickly.  I scooped up the babies, one by one, and set them in the makeshift brood box I had provided the doe with.  I'm considering adding some straw to the mix, to help keep them warm, but am not sure whether the doe will accept the intervention.  We will know in the morning.

Rabbits.  Rabbits are the livestock.  A perfect choice for our suburban setting.  They make no noise, make no real mess ( or at least no mess that can't quickly and easily be cleaned up).  They breed and reproduce like mad.  Those are all very desirable characteristics in a livestock choice.

So our first babies have been born.  I'm excited!


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