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Sunday, February 12, 2012

What about that guy, Ron Paul?

What's up with this?  I couldn't count on both hands, plus my toes, how many times the stinking, rotten, lying, completely biased media has blacked Ron Paul out during debates, failed to say that he's in third place ahead of Michele Bachmann, in second place behind someone else, or in first place in front of everyone else.  The guy has been blackballed by the blotted out time and time again.  Is that what we call democracy?  I don't think so!  We, Americans, whether we agree with someone or not, have an OBLIGATION to give each candidate EQUAL time and EQUAL press coverage.

To illustrate my point, watch this short video on this very topic.  What needs to happen is, we must force justice to occur, and force the networks to do what is right.  They are very obviously NOT going to do what is right on their own.  The left is scared stiff that Ron Paul is going to win, the right is either equally scared he'll win, or just using the opportunity to negate him as a candidate to help their own butts get elected.

Even Santorum and Perry are letting this happen.  Michelle Bachmann didn't say a word in defense of Ron Paul when he was getting blacked out by the media.  Great Christian testimonies folks!  Shame on you!  You should have insisted during every debate that all candidates get equal time, every time!  Shame on you.

I have made my decision.  Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate worth voting for, the only candidate worthy of my vote.



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