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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ron Paul - The Likely Winner in the Maine GOP Caucus

This post was originally posted as a comment to the article link in the last blog post I posted, which I read at, an excellent source of news, great ideas, community, and help for those who are preparing for the worst.  

Can you spell V-O-T-E-R F-R-A-U-D? I can. 

I just went to their website at I scrolled to the bottom of the page to leave a comment. Guess what I discovered? Yep, that's right, the following: Comments are closed. You will not be able to post a comment in this post. 

What a surprise! I'm surprised, aren't you? Liars. Cheats! I'm calling for a full-out investigation into this obvious voter fraud case! This is just one more outrage perpetrated against Ron Paul, a good, honest man. 

I'm outraged over this. This kind of crap has got to stop. 

How about an honest election for a change?

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