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Friday, October 21, 2011

Rabbit Factory Revisited

It’s high time I made another entry regarding this subject, don’t you think?  Well, of course you can’t really answer me, but hey, I tried.

Rabbits, they are what makes the world go round, eh?  Of course they are.

Our herd has grown somewhat since the last post, and we’ve harvested some of those little morsels, as well.  The night before last one of the young does gave birth.  I noticed that she was scratching at the mesh I had secured over the opening to the nest box of her mother, who is about to say “Sianara”.  For some reason, I immediately thought, “She’s going to have babies,” and opened it up for her.  Sure enough, there they were the next morning, seven in all.  That is a pretty good litter.

I had not gotten around to repairing a hole that some “teenagers” had chewed through into her cage, and sure enough, she got pregnant from her cousins.  Slacker!  I need to create a better system whereby I can keep track of everything more effectively.  At this point, I don’t know who nailed her, except to say it was a cousin.  I think I’ve a couple more pregnant ones as well, but nowhere to put them.

The manure has been an issue of late, and surprisingly, my younger son jumped on it out of the blue, digging quite a lot out from the area and depositing it on our potato patch (possibly killing most of the plants in the process).  If the potato plants die, I don’t care, since it was possibly a miracle that the boy took the initiative to do it in the first place!

We have managed to build, fill and plant three nice raised beds so far.  Way fewer than I wanted to, but it’s something at least.  We had torn out 6 huge honeysuckle “bushes” last year, at the insistence of our young neighbors, and transformed the area into a combination flower garden and veggie garden.  It is really becoming quite beautiful at this point.  I’ll try to include some good photos in this post.

I’m really swamped with preparations to expand our marketing business, McAvinchey Marketing Consultants llc, as well as our lawn care business, and haven’t been able to put the time and effort into gardening that I had hoped to.  My writing has suffered as well.  The marketing company is coming along, though.  Check out our new website at if you get a chance.

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