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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rabbit Factory - The Latest News

So, I'm at a party, you see, and this guy comes walking along who I was sure I've seen before.  You know how it is.  If you're like me, you never forget a face, but the names... not so much.  But this guy was not usual fare for my part of the country.  He was obviously of Chinese extraction, and they must have extracted him recently, because he looked 100% Chinese, not Vietnamese, not Korean - Chinese.  So I'm thinking about it, and finally realize that the guy is from this communal Christian group that spun off of a church I know of.

It turns out that he's a chef, and that the commune started a catering business.  I was in the process of devouring the exceptional food that these folks had created.  I struck up a conversation with the fellow, and eventually got around to asking him whether he'd ever cooked rabbit.  He says, "Funny you should mention that.  I was just talking with one of the guys from the community, and he said he wants to look into raising meat rabbits."  We talked some more, and he ended up wanting to connect the two of us over that topic.

I happen to have a few does and two bucks that I could sell them to help get them started with their own rabbit factory.  I figure the guy might call during this week ahead.  I think this may turn into an ongoing cooperative effort on many different projects.  T'would be good!

I have NOT yet perfected my technique of either feeding my rabbits greenery from the yard, nor grazing rabbits, in regards to their nutritional needs.  I have tried it several time, and it seems that the mix of plants in my yard is not a sufficient one.  To that end, I will be planting alfalfa in part of our property.

I REALLY want to sell our place and purchase a farm.  That is one of the goals I have for my family.  My clan HAD a farm/orchard, but my grandfather sold it many years back. He had 80 acres back in the day, and it was beautiful!  I've got to get back there!



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