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Monday, September 19, 2011

A Whimsical Notion, Or Poop N Paddle

Okay, so the title is a tad bizarre.  Today, or rather, this evening I am going to share a funny/serious little video that I stumbled upon.  It touches on a very serious topic, and does it in a funny way.  Our outdated, environmentally asinine method of dealing with our "leavings" needs to change, as do many aspects of our crazy society and way of life.  So here's a primer on fixing our toilet water situation.  No, I'm not talking about perfumes, nor colognes...


Ha ha!  That guy's crazy... in a good way!

There is a lady, of Swedish extraction, who wrote a book some years ago about her experiences and experiments in creating a living space and a greenhouse that used zero fuel for heating.  A totally solar-heated life and business.  This lady created what today is a common item in grocery stores across the US - mixed baby greens salad in a bag.  In the book, she went into great detail laying out ways to treat sewage and graywater in a completely organic manner.  The book is called Solviva, and the author is Anna Edey, and she was WAY ahead of her time.  Check out her site/sites at



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